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Soft And Delightful

The Joys of Summer Living

Summer in the city

Practically everyone remembers ice cream in the summer. For many in the city,  ice cream trucks delivered treats right to your neighbourhood. For myself, there was an ice cream shop steps from our apartment. And if that wasn’t enough, a fleet of  ice cream trikes were constantly on the prowl wafting dry ice mist on every transaction.  If I saved all the money I spent on ice cream during my misspent youth, I still wouldn’t be rich, but would have enjoyed my summers a lot less.

Early ice cream trucks carried just ice cream, when most families didn’t have freezers in their home. The truck refrigeration initially was dry ice and to make it last longer,  the truck motor was turned off during transactions, with the original chimes being hand cranked.

With the advent of fully refrigerated trucks, a diversity of  packaged ice cream treats were also sold, such as popsicles and ice cream bars. What more could you ask for on a hot summer day…


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